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The Long Table Dinner

Our Brief

Founded in 2016, the annual Long Table Dinner at Shorncliffe Pier is an enchanting evening of fine dining held under the stars. As one of Australia’s longest timber piers at over 350 meters, the Shorncliffe Pier provides a picturesque setting for this premier event, drawing in guests eager for a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Cuisine on Cue, has been a partner caterer for this event since its inception, renowned for their culinary expertise and event management skills for events with such complex logistics.

This event demanded the full use of the team’s expertise in logistics, staffing and catering.



Our Approach

Executing an event of this scale in a location exposed to the elements and without facilities posed unique logistical challenges. To address these challenges, Cuisine on Cue implemented measures to ensure a seamless experience for guests and staff alike. This included the deployment of generators to provide power and water, essential for the operation of the event. Additionally, the team constructed two production kitchens and 11 satellite bars to minimise the distance walked for service staff, one marquee kitchen was located on shore and the second utilising the rotunda at the end of the pier accompanied by a cold room van. With the exposed nature of the venue and the unpredictable weather, particularly wind, securing table settings and styling items became paramount. Styling was kept elegant and simple with classic white tablecloths and chairs, weighted centrepieces and festoon lighting adding a magical feel.

A shared feasting menu was created using seasonal produce and alterations made for various dietary requirements. Drawing on our extensive network of suppliers and leveraging past-experience in executing this annual event, Cuisine on Cue rose to the occasion, mastering the logistical complexities to deliver an unforgettable evening for all attendees.

Our Menu

Shared Entree

Sour dough loaf with vibrant pumpkin, fig candy, dukkah dip 

Moreton Bay prawns, Marie Rose sauce, shiraz gin cured trout, caper berry, lemon, vine leaf fennel dolmades, sweet pickled vegetables

Rice carnival, candy pineapple, spiced vegetable, scallion dressing (VG DF)

Shared Mains & Sides

Rolled pork, apple gloss, honey glaze (GF DF)

Chicken, tomato peppers salsa, rocket refreshment (GF DF)

Turmeric potatoes, lemon parsley oil, sea salt crusting (VG GF)

Shorncliffe shallot, zucchini, aubergine, black garlic dressing (GF DF VG)


Cheese platters, Australian cheese selection, dried fruits, quince, crackers

Gelato cones, choc top safari

Chefs selection of petite sweets


our menus

Event Experience

On the evening 880 diners were seated along the unique 300-meter-long dining table, basking in the water views, and watching the sunset over Moreton Bay. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as guests enjoyed live entertainment, mingled and indulged in delicious dishes prepared by Cuisine on Cue’s team.

From the welcome entrées showcasing the bay’s finest seafood, to the sumptuous main course and decadent petite desserts and cheeses, every aspect of the dining experience was meticulously planned and executed. The combination of fine food, stunning views, and quality service created an unforgettable evening for all who attended.

The success of the Long Table Dinner at Shorncliffe Pier is a testament to Cuisine on Cue’s dedication to creativity and adaptability in the most challenging environments. By exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional event year after year, Cuisine on Cue remains the chosen event catering partner for this unique event.

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