If you want to go far, go together..


After offering premium catering for over 27 years the most important lesson we’ve learned is: you can’t do it alone.

It takes our whole team working with dozens of supply and logistics partners to bring to life the visions of hundreds of clients every year.

Cuisine on Cue understands the importance not just of working as a team, but as part of a community. As a local business we know what it means to work, live, build and grow as part of something bigger.

Cuisine on Cue has the distinct privilege to partner with amazing businesses, charities and the arts. Supporting the continued development and growth of our community!

Learn more below about our valued partnerships.

The Arts

With so much enduring passion for creating and delivering amazing events, it’s only natural that passion would overflow and spill into arts and entertainment! We are proud to give our support as both huge fans and the catering partners of Queensland Ballet and Queensland Youth Orchestras. Two world-class organisations that are proudly carrying the arts forward to an even more brilliant and bright future. Our own unique spirit and creativity that shines through everything we do drives us to support the incredible community of established and emerging artists who add that vital, intangible joy to life and so often go overlooked.

Queensland Ballet

Helmed by renowned creative director Li Cunxin and supported with a multi-million dollar overhaul of their headquarters: The Thomas Dixon Centre, Cuisine on Cue is proud to be the catering partner for Queensland Ballet as it enters a new golden age. Creating world-class entertainment.

Queensland Youth Orchestras

Under the stewardship of Simon Hewett, the award winning QYO has continued their march to success. Based at the historic Old Museum, Cuisine on Cue is thrilled to partner with QYO, supporting young musicians. We are equally excited to now offer QYO ensembles to hire for events. Enquire now for more details.


Even with all of the incredible events Cuisine on Cue is a part of, having the opportunity to be involved in the amazing work charity organisations like the Mater Foundation do for our community is a special privelage. We recognise our responsibility to support and give back to communities. Doing our part to support worthy causes, from nurturing young creatives to providing access to life-saving medical assistance, is at the core of what we do at Cuisine on Cue.

The Mater Foundation

Founded in 1906, the Mater foundation believes that everyone in need should receive the highest quality medical care, and medical professionals should have every opportunity to succeed in providing that care. Their continued work relies on community support. Cuisine on Cue is honoured to be a committed donor and the foundation’s catering partner.

Environment and Sustainability

Cuisine on Cue has a long and proud history, and we see very clearly the importance of coming together as a community to ensure we can build a future that looks just as promising. Not only are we committed to building this future through our elimination of single-use plastics in all of our catered events, managing our carbon footprint and building a wholly sustainable operation, but we also support a number of fantastic environment and wildlife initiatives. We have accomplished so much as the exclusive catering partners and all-round avid supporters of Walkabout Creek Wildlife Park – of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Bolstering the work they do and helping to expand their reach in providing care and support to our most vulnerable wildlife!

In this vein we are pleased to have added a second state park, Fleay’s Wildlife park, as another official catering partner. Driving more brilliant work to preserving and strengthening our precious natural world.

Walkabout Creek

In the late 1980’s Walkabout Creek first opened its doors to the public and has since become a mainstay in connecting people with the wonder of Australia’s natural surrounds and wildlife. This astoundingly preserved piece of nature has been a partner in our mutual growth for more than a decade.

Fleay's Events and Café

With over 70 years of operation the Gold Coast has benefitted from the stellar work done by Fleay’s to preserve and empower delicate Australian ecosystems. With recent improvements and a partnership with a sustainably minded caterer, Fleay’s is ready to experience a welcome resurgence.


One of the cornerstones that drives Cuisine on Cue’s success is people. Creating an environment and a workplace that empowers people to succeed is the secret ingredient in everything we do, and one of the most satisfying parts of growing our business. We live and breathe this philosophy of empowerment everyday and believe it is an opportunity that should extend to everyone in our community. Our Partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) means we can share our passion for people with a partner that reaches over 50,000 students every year.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

With a history reaching back over 150 years, QUT has changed and grown to become a world-class university. With unrivalled education and events facilities. Supporting the arts, culture and education that gives QUT it’s exceptional community impact is a unique privilege.

Cuisine on Cue acknowledges the Turrbal and Yuggera peoples as the first people to celebrate, cook and live on the land on which we work and call home. We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.




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