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Any successful business person will tell you that having a strong corporate culture is one of the most overlooked secrets to success. Hosting a fantastic event is an amazing way to give that culture a shot in the arm. A well executed celebration can boost morale around the office. While an event celebrating a product launch or transition in a business can set the tone for future successes. Not to mention those times in the year where hosting a party is just a part of doing business. So, with Christmas parties and end of year celebrations coming up, we’re taking a look at how you can take advantage of our corporate catering with Cuisine on Cue that will work wonders for your business and that everyone will love!

Catering Delivered

If you’re not looking to grab lots of PR with an event, keeping it simple can be a good approach. Getting an office feast, gift hampers or the occasional gourmet lunch delivered to the office can foster a fantastic sense of community. Not to mention taking the stress out of work for just a little while to make everyone feel appreciated! A fantastic, affordable way to celebrate milestones or do something nice for special events.

Cuisine on Cue has delivery options available every day for lunch and special corporate catering menus for yearly events like Melbourne Cup!

Deliveries are also a fantastic way to celebrate a successful year and prepare for what’s next. Gourmet hampers and customisable menu items allow you to add that classic Christmas cheer to the workplace or create your own unique feel for an all inclusive end of year celebration! All made and delivered on the schedule that works best for you.

Staffed Parties

If having great food and drink is the heart of a fantastic party. Establishing an amazing atmosphere has to be the soul of the event. Decorating your office space goes a long way certainly, but hosting an event that includes some of our immaculate, highly-trained staff creates an atmosphere that you just can’t match. You don’t need to be hosting an enormous gala or a plated banquet to benefit from including our team in an event. A professional bar tender, mixing drinks and serving delicious cocktails can shift the tone in your workplace to feel like a whole new space. While a trained waiter serving canapes, will make people feel like guests of honour in their own office. 

The inclusion of just one or two of Cuisine on Cue’s world-class corporate catering staff can add a unique dimension to your party. As well as completely handle the set-up and dreaded clean-up for the event. Which frees up everyone who is there to enjoy the event, to do exactly that. Without the celebration becoming someone’s extra work.


Hire a Chef

Looking to do something really special? Hiring a chef to prepare freshly cooked, delicious food right in your office can put the capstone on a hugely successful year or  show gratitude for an amazing year’s work. While being easier than you might think. With our portable ovens and cooktops Cuisine on Cue can set up a 5 star kitchen almost anywhere you can think of,  including corporate catering events in the office! 

We ask a lot of our chefs at Cuisine on Cue, they’re the best in the business and they always deliver. Watching our chefs at work can be a rare treat and with one of these culinary masters on site everyone can have exactly what they want. Building dishes right in front of party-goers with our range of interactive stations! Featuring customisable cuisine from all around the world.

Having a professional chef on-site is unbeatable for elevating a party. As well as a guaranteed way to knock the socks off of prospective clients or show you appreciate your closest partners.

So, if you’re looking at keeping it in the office for a celebration, contact Cuisine on Cue to discuss how we can create a marvelous event, that achieves the right goals for your business. We have corporate catering packages for delivery, special occasions, Christmas, product launches, boardroom lunches, conferences, functions and parties that will make everyone thrilled they came to work. Tell us how we can help curate your next event. If you’re looking to host at the workplace or get out of the office, we cater all across South-East Queensland you can also see our list of venue partners here.