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Cuisine on Cue, renowned event caterers in South East Queensland have been the culinary force behind Polo in the City Brisbane for the past two years. Their stellar reputation and ability to navigate complex logistics led event organisers to entrust them with the event catering for Polo in the City Melbourne.

Setting the Stage

Polo in the City events bring the national urban polo circuit to cities across Australia, offering a sophisticated and vibrant experience. With four ticket types, each uniquely styled and catered, including corporate and VIP options, they provide a premium stage for social and corporate gatherings.

The Planning Phase

Executing event catering for an interstate event of this scale requires meticulous planning, involving critical decisions on logistics, crafting bespoke menus, and coordination of an interstate team for seamless execution in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Challenges and Decision Making

Accepting the invite to cater Polo in the City Melbourne involved careful considerations. The team assessed factors such as Melbourne's unpredictable weather, requiring marquee placement with sheltered access to the cold room. Maintaining control over food production in a different city emphasised the importance of having the right team and
menu. Navigating challenges is second nature to the Cuisine on Cue team with their long- distance event experience influencing savvy decisions to set them up for smooth operation.
This experience was used in mastering the logistics of catering in a different state – transporting equipment and team members, sourcing local ingredients and staff, and adapting to a new venue layout.
Although it was a risk, the potential opportunities outweighed the challenges.

Team Dynamics & the Event Experience

Eight team members from Brisbane, including a set-up kitchen team, and core section managers, played a crucial role. In the lead-up to the event, the team built strong collaboration through relationships with suppliers, staffing agencies, and hire companies in Melbourne. This combined with positive pre-event site inspections and effective communication with the event organisers set the stage for success.

On the event day, the careful planning and collaboration paid off. The vibe onsite was high! Both Cuisine on Cue and agency team members were supporting each other, communicating well, and following processes, which kept the event on track. Like any event, there were some challenges that were dealt with effectively in the moment.

The proof of success lay in the feedback received from clients and guests impressed by the Polo matches and hospitality. The service quality and seamless catering were mentioned as elevating the overall event experience.

When asked about the event’s highlights, Cuisine on Cue Managing Director Lincoln stated –

“Our teams engagement was phenomenal; watching everyone working together so well on such an important event made me proud. We all created some catering memories.”

“Another key to our success was our supplier relationships, including effective collaboration with beverage, food, and hire companies. The volume of beverage and food movement was handled extremely well.”

Future Ventures

Looking forward, Cuisine on Cue is open to future opportunities in both Brisbane and interstate, building on the experience gained from the successful Melbourne event. Their willingness to explore new ventures reflects their adaptable approach to event management.

If you have event catering requirements reach out to our friendly team to see how they can support.

Images: Cuisine on Cue & Polo in the City