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Each year some 500 young musicians have the opportunity to learn, grow and perform with the Queensland Youth Orchestras. With the organisation continuing to grow and cement its reputation as a world class, nation leading program, events like the QYOs fundraiser are more vital than ever, to boost the funds, reach and potential of this unique organisation. Fortunately, QYOs is headquartered in the stunning events venue, the   Old Museum. This access to one of Brisbane’s premier events spaces and a charitable partnership with Brisbane’s best catering team, Cuisine on Cue was able to deliver a stunning evening. Rolling up our sleeves to raise money and support a fantastic organisation.


Organising a fundraiser is always a challenge. It is all too easy to fall victim to the perceived simplicity of hosting an event. On days like these a partnership with Cuisine on Cue is worth its weight in gold. It affords QYOs and our other partners the luxury of over 25 years of catering and event planning experience. As well as a dedicated team of professionals, committed to ensuring the night runs smoothly. All while making sure costs stay low and the funds raised go where they are needed.

Cuisine on Cue was able to utilise Brisbane’s Old Museum to its full potential, hosting an elegant, sweeping banquet to guests of the sold-out event. Three plated courses were served by Cuisine on Cue’s team from a menu including seared chicken in lemon and herb glaze and braised beef and parsnips in redwine jus, with a dark chocolate tart to finish. With vegan, dairy free and gluten free options made available to each of the more than 200 guests. If you want to see more of what we can offer you can browse our menus here.


…And a show

Ofcourse, serving brilliant food and managing successful events is the specialty of Cuisine on Cue. While the strength of the QYOs is naturally, music. Performances from the superbly talented musicians proved the worth of the fundraiser and entertained guests. With samples of music from the Big Band, Symphonies, Orchestras, Jazz groups and plethora of other uniqeuly talented ensembles whose talent in nurtured and grown by the fantastic work of QYOs.

The young musicians were fortunate enough to perform at the Old Museum, where they routinely meet to sharpen their skills. The storied venue has been the home to QYOs for many years, as well as offering Brisbane a historic, heritage listed venue for beautiful weddings, gala events and concerts and performances. Cuisine on Cue is privileged to be a part of supporting the fantastic work QYOs does and continue to do justice to the breathtaking events space as the exclusive caterers for the Old Museum venue.



The Future is Bright

The success of the 2022 QYOs fundraiser spurs on the organisation’s march towards the future. One that promises more exciting opportunities and further evolution as a leading youth music organisation. The addition of a third symphony has been established for the upcoming year, which will expand the reach of QYOs fantastic work and open new doors to the education of dozens of young musicians.

Equally exciting as the expansion of the organisation is the overhaul slated for the Old Museum. Thanks to the QYOs biggest supporters and the fantastic work done at fundraisers, the Old Museum is vying for more than 50 million dollars of government funding to restore and transform the heritage listed Old Museum to best serve the steady advance of the QYOs. As well as give the opportunity to the public to enjoy a premier performance and concert venue. All while preserving the chance for Brisbane’s would be hosts to party, come together and celebrate at one of the most historic, beautiful venues Brisbane has to offer.

If you’re looking to do your part to back the amazing work done by QYOs, hosting a party or event at the Old Museum is a fantastic way to support the program. If you’re looking to host a wedding, private party or celebrating a milestone, be sure to give us a call. Our exclusive catering options at the Old Museum are second to none. While our bespoke catering options can create any experience you could want. Browse all of our menus for inspiration on your event. You can also hire the fantastic enembles from QYOs to play at your event! Make an enquiry with us to find out more!