3 Ways To Incorporate Grazing Tables Into Your Event

Published by Anna Morrow, May 28, 2019


3 Ways To Incorporate Grazing Tables Into Your Event

Grazing tables: they’re the eye candy of the dining world, they’re trending on Pinterest, and they’re perfect for your next party.

When most people think grazing table they think appetisers, cheese, crackers and simple finger foods, but we’ve got some different grazing table ideas.


Three Unique Grazing Table Ideas

Grazing Tables As Entrees

The most popular style of grazing table, this style involves a large and artfully styled spread of cheese, charcuterie, seasonal fruit, nuts, olives, dips, antipasto bites, fresh bread, crackers & platter accompaniments.

The entree grazing table is a perfect option for pre-dinner nibbles and often provides an excellent ice breaker before the mains, as shared food invites guests to move freely around the room, and to bond over their food choices.

After the entree grazing table, why not continue the theme of social food by choosing share plates for mains. Cuisine on Cue has an extensive share plate menu, featuring dishes such as: slow cooked Kilcoy beef, glazed golden shallots, whole grain mustard jus, and burnt leek, or baked North Queensland barramundi served with chilli and kaffir, and coconut and lime dressing.  For more share plate options please click here


Dessert Grazing Tables

Why not end your event with a show stopping dessert grazing table?

You can’t go wrong with a stunning table packed with decadent cakes and sweet treats accompanied by fresh fruit and chocolate.

Fill your dessert grazing platter with some of Cuisine on Cue’s signature dessert bites, such as chocolate and pistachio ganache caps served with Oreo crumbs and gold leaf tuile, or banoffee pie tartlet filled with caramel and sliced banana and topped with espresso creme and cocoa dust.  For more dessert options please check out our full range of menus.


Grazing Platters

Move aside, grazing tables. The smaller and more mobile version of a grazing table, a grazing platter is still a visually appealing array of delicious food, however a grazing platter can be carried by waitstaff or placed in multiple stations throughout a venue.

Cuisine on Cue offers a selection of grazing platter options suitable for any event. The recent Summer Soiree event at Room Three Sixty featured a number of dessert grazing platters where guests could choose from a selection of lemon and salted caramel macarons, blood orange trifle, white chocolate tartlets and handmade chocolate truffles. Read more about wake catering. Read more about our Summer Soiree event here


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